METHODS:  York ,Inc.  applies over thirty years of experience in helping clients improve performance and increase profitability.


Leadership Coaching

  • Coaching for Resultsä focuses on specific, measurable operational goals for each manager and for those he or she leads.

  • Managers learn to build trust with a staff by understanding different communication styles and developing performance management skills.

  • Managers focus on setting clear expectations to ensure that each staff member understands how to be successful.

Building Organizational Continuity

  • Creates an organization in which employees are valued, motivated and committed to achieving high levels of productivity.

  • Develops competencies tailored to each organization’s need to identify talent and to make effective promotion and hiring decisions.

  • Reduces cost associated with frequent turnover and replacement of key employees.

  • Establishes an atmosphere in which diversity is emphasized and honored.

Change Management

  • Utilizes small group workshops to communicate the nature of impending changes to employees and the reasons for the anticipated actions.

  • Creates opportunities for employees to dialogue with members of senior management and to convey their issues and concerns in a safe environment.

  • Reconvenes small group meetings to discuss the actual impact of change.

 Career Management

  • Provides a process to support employees’ opportunities to find the best fit between their skills and abilities and the organization’s needs.

  • Resolves interpersonal disharmony between or among employees that reduces the likelihood of reduced productivity and related loss of profitability.

  • Supports employees who leave the organization to find new work or to become self-employed.

Team Building


  • Focuses on strengths that can serve as standards for improvement.

  • Identifies areas of improvement and utilizes group interaction to formulate strategies for growth.

  • Establishes objectives that are reinforced by the collective synergy derived by the interactive process