Using the Insights Personal Development System to ignite corporate spirit and transform individuals, teams and organizations.


First know yourself to understand others.  Whether your need is to improve employee performance, make better hiring decisions, retain your best people or build effective teams, we start with the Insights Personal Discovery Profile.


·         Improved performance management.  Used as a stand-alone tool or tied to a competence-based model, the Insights® Personal Discovery Profile points the way to understanding behavioral challenges that allow you to develop your people to achieve your goals of productivity and profitability.


·         Improved succession planning.  The Insights® Personal Discovery Profile allows you to develop and promote your key people with high predictability of success that insures that your selections will result in the right people be chosen for the right jobs.


·         Retain your best people.  The Insights® Personal Discovery Profile allows you to pin point sources of interpersonal disharmony that, when corrected, help you avoid the loss of your good people and that enhances the development of an effective, stable workforce.


·         Make better hiring decisions.  The Insights® Personal Discovery Profile enhances the quality of your hiring decisions by allowing you to understand the personal characteristics of each candidate as they relate to the culture and dynamics of your organization.


·         Build effective teams.  The Team Effectiveness Report, built around sixteen team-building elements provides statistical data about the team’s own perception of its performance related to each element and establishes strategies to achieve needed improvements.