The Company

In our forty combined years of helping people find new career direction, one frustrating fact stands out above all others: millions of people stay in work that they don't love! Not only do they stay in work they don't love, but they stay in work they hate. Since most of us can expect to experience periodic job changes, it makes sense that we seek to use our gifts and talents in ways that will provide the intrinsic satisfaction that we deserve.

We believe that no discerning person should spend a lifetime working without the opportunity to contribute and the infinite joy that work should provide. And since few people will have long-term employment relationships in the new work world, the intimidation that formerly kept people tied to unhappy jobs for fear of being fired will no longer be a significant factor. We can expect to be downsized, re-engineered or right sized from time to time anyway. But since we can learn how to maintain our employability, such times of transition will have little impact. In fact such times may become desirable, since they will provide periods of free time to learn, travel or just enjoy life more. Long happy life!