The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition

Understanding one's suitability for small business ownership is critical for the person to acquire the necessary commitment for success. Because people seek self-employment primarily to be free, it is necessary to remember that freedom isn't free and that it comes with a price. The price can be defined as the desire to have a business of one's own and the courage to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. Comparing one's self to the profile of successful business owners helps to determine one's suitability. With this understanding and the necessary commitment, the probability for success is greatly enhanced.

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Thriving in the Changing Workplace

Millions of people are without jobs because many jobs, as such, no longer exist. However, despite the lost number of jobs, there is work. Therefore, when one looks for work, rather than jobs, opportunities are found that the average job-seeker will never find. This book creates a pathway to a new way of working that can provide a greater degree of career satisfaction than ever before.

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We are pleased to tell you that the first of our books, 
Using Your Inner Power to Find Meaningful Work, has been published.

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Using Your Inner Power to Find Meaningful Work here.